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Rock Crawler 4X4 Cross Country : Get Set Go..!!

Fun and pure adrenaline. RC or Remote controlled cars are fun and they are not just for children, people of all age groups can enjoy this toy. The moment you take the remote in your hands no matter how old you are, four or forty, you would love playing with this little machine. Personally I feel it's a fun filled toy which helps to achieve a few benefits. 

Benefits with Loads of Fun

Just like video games, RC cars caters to enhance hand-eye coordination. RC cars require a lot of hand-eye coordination as well as quick reactions, i.e. one controls the device from a distance which requires exceptional control and coordination of what they see and the inputs they provide to the car via the remote they have in hand. This varies from just rolling the car around to different hardcore manueres which happens in split seconds. The more kids play with such games, the hand, eyes and the brain muscles will be sharpened and it will enhance the visual motor skills. By introducing small obstacles as well as tracks or destinations you can increase the difficulty level in each game you play with them. 

There are different types of RC cars available, and they can be broadly divided into two categories. One which is powered by batteries and another powered by petrol/gasoline. Some are so powerful that they would even reach a speed of 80Kmph or more. The ones powered by batteries are generally less expensive and those powered by petrol engines are more customizable as well as needs a lot of additional upkeep. Those which are powered by batteries will be ready to play. All you might need to do would be to charge your batteries and you are good to go. While for the other one, it may need special preparations and assembling of products to get the right output. Some are purpose built units, like off roading, drifting, racing etc. Depending on the purpose you could increase the suspension travel, use the right set of tyres etc. Unfortunately this isn't common in our country. 

Rock Crawler 4x4 cross country

Zavi’s little toy is the Rock Crawler 4x4 cross country, a small RC mud crawler toy which is a very attractive offroad sports vehicle. One can experience 4 wheels drive with strong power to run through or climb hurdles. With quality and detailed graphics and paint finish the Rock Crawler is a treat to your eyes. The tyres have got excellent grip indoors as well as outdoors. The remote is ergonomically designed with full controls to manoeuvre around, forward, reverse, left and right. 

Key Features

  • Ready to roll 
  • 1:10 Scale off-road model
  • 2.4 Ghz communicators 
  • Full Function via remote ( forward backward left and right. )
  • Off road tyres and semi individual articulating suspension 
  • Quality parts 
  • Durable plastic body 
The super big off-road tyres help the car to move around and ensures a strong grip on any surface. It can move on any terrain with stability and the dual motors power all the wheels with enough torque to pull over any obstacles or terrain. It is also equipped with suspension and the shocks travel protects the motors. It also has springs which protect the electrical wiring and components. 

This car comes with fully rechargeable batteries which provide steady output and works for a long time. The remote control has an ergonomic design which helps the player achieve a right amount of control over the car without any finger fatigue. 

The Rock Crawler is priced 4999 INR. However there are a lot of offers running in different e-commerce platforms like or  

We definitely recommend the Rock Crawler for your kids and family, and they will definitely enjoy playing with it as well as it would enhance and improve their visual-motor skills.


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