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Welcome to Nerdy Clan..!!

We love Technology. Yes it's all about Tech, Toys, Kids, and Family Bonding.  We explain how to build and share technology with your kids, while maintaining healthy screen time. How to introduce your kids to new technologies to achieve more while maintaining a balance. We explain how and when to limit your kids with technology. Everybody wants to see their children successful and climb the success ladder sooner than later. However, today's screen rich environment even a 2 year old would love to sweep around your mobiles or tabs and watch movies or videos. This is not exactly the right means of introducing technology to your kids. We will share fun filled healthy technology sharing methods and ideas for 3 year olds to teenagers who would require some kind of technology for their online classes and for paving ways to reach them to fulfill their ambitions.  Both experts and teachers educate us that screen time should be limited for kids. However in today's world it's not p