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Othello : A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master

Strategy board games were played nearly in all societies and cultures throughout history. There are different styles and genres of board games. These are based on chances or strategies and the goal will be to outwit your opponent. However later on, more and more leisure games were also added to the list of board games. Even though video games may seem more engaging, they get obsolete once newer or advanced games or gaming consoles are launched. However this is not the case with the board games, they stay eternal. They are so humble and can be played still today even though they were founded thousands of years back. Here is one such strategy board game which was invented in the 1800s and was modified with a few more additions or a variation of the original in the 1970s. The board game which we are about to review is Othello. Othello is a game which can be played with two players on a 8x8 board. There are sixty four identical discs which is white on one side and black on the other side

Little Engineer : DIY Mechanix Mini Set

'Play is the brain's favourite way of learning' - Diane Ackeman Games and playing is a natural process for children and it is the best method for children to learn and acquire skills that would help them survive as an adult. However, it is important to note that the right kind of games will not only help our children survive, but also thrive as an adult.  This is when the Mechanix set of DIY toys caught my attention online. From the online description and pictures, I understood that this toy had nuts, bolts and screws and metal pieces that we had to assemble to form either a car or bike or such things. It looked interesting and I immediately ordered three sets as the cost of a single set didn't burn a hole in my pocket. I decided to give it a try and see if my Zavi liked it.  Finally after almost a week's wait, the set was delivered. I had already told Zavi that I had a surprise for him. So when the package was delivered, he was jumping up and down and wanted to op