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We love Technology. Yes it's all about Tech, Toys, Kids, and Family Bonding. 

We explain how to build and share technology with your kids, while maintaining healthy screen time. How to introduce your kids to new technologies to achieve more while maintaining a balance. We explain how and when to limit your kids with technology.

Everybody wants to see their children successful and climb the success ladder sooner than later. However, today's screen rich environment even a 2 year old would love to sweep around your mobiles or tabs and watch movies or videos. This is not exactly the right means of introducing technology to your kids. We will share fun filled healthy technology sharing methods and ideas for 3 year olds to teenagers who would require some kind of technology for their online classes and for paving ways to reach them to fulfill their ambitions. 

Both experts and teachers educate us that screen time should be limited for kids. However in today's world it's not practical. When Covid hit us hard, to keep the education system running, we had to enable our children to take classes via online medium using zoom, google classroom, microsoft teams, etc. Experts suggest to reduce the screen time for kids of all ages, and each age group should have their own targets. 

While pumping in technology, we should not forget that toys and books are the backbone for children’s development. In today’s market, we have a wide variety of toys ranging from educational ones to creative ones to ones that the whole family can indulge in.

Age groups, technology and toys

Let's discuss this in detail. From our perspective, we can make use of technology to improve our kids potential and use technology as a tool to supplement children's development. Each age group should target for achievements in their age groups and in this we should strictly avoid toddlers and kids below age 3. We can make exceptions when we are out in another city while catching up with grandparents or family members. 

Kindergarten / Pre Primary ( Nursery or Pre KG and KG )

For Kindergarten / Pre Primary, we would suggest only introducing technology to connect with your far away family / friends via video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams etc. Introducing dance time with your toddler and family while playing music on your device is a great idea. This is the age for puzzles and a whole lot of role play games with your kids. Kids would also love activities and fun filled boxes like Flintobox,, which you can subscribe to, from ages starting from 1.5 years till 12 years. This is also the time to introduce your little ones with a lot of stories with morals and for that matter to everything and anything be it animals or birds.

Primary ( Classes 1 - 4 )

For primary level children, we should encourage them to read and make use of online story books. If you already have a google account then you could make use of the childrens’ books available via google books like Children's bedtime books. This will help kids to imagine better and introduce the creativity in activities he / she will engage in. Also introduce them to activities boxes like Flintobox which you can subscribe to. This also the period when children can be introduced to kid’s coding, like Scratch 3.0.

Secondary ( Classes 5 - 8 )

Secondary school kids are grown with skills to capture new things and solve problems and would be accessing technology on a day to day basis. During this stage we need to introduce them to interactive ebooks, activities or even videos. Conceptual learning is here to stay and kids of this age group benefit from it greatly. Byju’s can be considered the market leaders in conceptual teaching through visualisations as well as they provide individual personalized options if kids need additional attention too. Also this is a great time to introduce family friendly video games using Playstation / Xbox or even board games.

Higher Secondary ( Classes 9 - 12 )

Higher Secondary school children should be in a position to choose their own career and future. It is our responsibility to introduce them to all the available resources to enable them to make the right decision. They should learn and excel in the path they choose. Students will be able to pick from hundreds of degrees and diploma and certificate options. However when it's time to pass out of higher secondary exam, they should be in a state to choose a specialised field or a popular course. Ignite children and encourage them to research and introduce them to hobbies which can improve or even land jobs, like coding, robotics, or anything for that matter. We should continue supporting them with creativity activities like arts, music etc. 

There is no right or wrong path when it comes to technology for kids. But follow a few practices which can help them to improve self and reduce screen time. Encourage them to be lifelong learners who can use technology as a tool to enhance themselves and sharpen themself. 

Few tips to keep your kids on the safe boundaries while helping them ignite their curiosity and skills. 
  • Be engaging and support them
  • Help them to organize 
  • Teach them to take stress out of life
  • Provide enough break from technology and social media 
  • Give them a peaceful space to enrich themself 
  • Journaling and using planners would help them prioritize things precisely
  • Help them to work and avoid procrastinating
  • Give them targets, and engage them with planning as well as achieving them on time. 
  • Teach them timeboxed activities, this should include studying as well as playing. 
  • Make use of your extra time wisely, do engage with kids effectively.
  • Teach them to evaluate themself periodically. Weekly or monthly objectives will help them to learn or accomplish new skills easily and quickly. 
  • All of the above are few of the key players for kids growth as well as making them learn in a fun filled way and keep them a studious and lifelong genius.
Follow us, subscribe to the nerdy clan. We will share tips and tricks along with our little ones' experiences and learnings. 


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