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Guess Who : The Mystery Begins Here

Who doesn't love to play around with a little investigation, to pin down on that one person who we have in mind. Yes Guess Who ? is just the right game for playing our own question - answer investigation game. Guess Who? is essentially a two player character guessing game. The contents include 48 plastic frames ( 24 characters each for each player), 2 playing boards in red and blue, 3 sets of pre cut cards in red, blue and yellow and 14 scoring pegs. Initially the assembly of the game requires adult help as the red and the blue cards have to be loaded to the frame and fixed to the board. 

Contents of the box

  • 48 Plastic Frames
  • 2 Playing boards
  • 3 Sets of cards 
  • 14 scoring pegs

Objective of the game is to find out who is on your opponent's card before he / she guesses the character on yours. To start with the game, each player chooses either the red or the blue board. Then the yellow set of cards are shuffled and each player picks a yellow card and fixes it on the card holder in their board so that the opponent does not see it. The game is very simple. In each turn, a player can ask one question to try to guess the identity of the person on the opponent’s card. The question asked should strictly be answerable with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. 

Player 1 : Does your person wear spectacles?
Player 2 : No
Then all those wearing spectacles may be eliminated from player 1’s board.

Player 2 : Does your person white coloured hair?
Player 1 : Yes
Then all those who do not have white hair may be eliminated from player 2’s board.

And like this the game continues till one player is able to correctly guess the identity of the person that the opponent’s card has. There is one rule in this game and that is, we are not supposed to ask if the character is a man or woman in our first turn. This question may be asked from the next turn onwards.

The essence of this game is observation. It is important to keenly observe the characteristics of the persons on the card, like the accessories they are wearing, the colour of their eyes or hair, the size of their eyes or nose and the like. 


This game is especially good for younger children as it has the following benefits :
  1. It teaches them to observe keenly and identify differences in features of the characters and also helps them to grasp the concept of opposites such as identifying features such as big or small nose, up-turned or down-turned mouths and the like.
  2. It also helps young children to build and enhance their descriptive skills as they have to identify the differences in the features and convey it across to the opposite player. This also enhances their articulation skills as asking yes or no questions is way tougher for young children. My little Zavi used to ask me questions like “ What is the colour of the hair?, but now it has changed to “ Is your person’s hair black?”
  3. It also helps to develop logical thinking in young children. The fact that if we ask a question “ Does your person have a hat?” and if the answer is “no”, then all the persons with a hat have to be closed. This kind of logical thinking is a bit difficult for young children and develops as we play along. They get easily confused as to which person to close, whether the ones with a hat or without.
  4. Finally, this is also a strategy game. As we progress, we learn to ask strategic questions where even half of the characters have a chance of being closed in one go.


Our final verdict is that, Guess Who? is a fun two player game for children of all age groups as young and old alike who don't like to crack a bit of suspence.


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