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Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp, Is It Worth and Child Friendly ?

The Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp is one of the products Xiaomi India has launched in the year 2019. This is a very minimalist, stylish, portable, emergency LED desk lamp. The design itself is sleek and eye catchy, even though it comes only in one colour option which is pure white. The product is priced reasonably at 1500 INR in India. We have been using this for a while. Is it worth your money ? Go on and read further.

Initial Impressions

  • Portable / Adjustable head / Light weight LED Desk Lamp
  • 3 Colour Temp Modes 
  • Battery powered, can be used as an emergency source 
  • Long battery life, and can be recharged with power bank 
  • No Strobe effect 
  • Simple to use 1 Button operation ( Even kids can use seamlessly ) 
  • Looks Premium and stylish 
The lamp is built with quality in mind. It feels extremely sturdy with its combination of aluminium and plastic. The device is extremely light and is portable as well.

An interesting feature is that the whole unit is operated by a single button and no fiddling is required. A single quick press would switch the lamp on / off. And a long press on the button will cycle through the different modes that is warm 10lm<, cool 60lm< and bright 100lm. Once you have selected a mode, it will be retained even while switching on / off. The lamp itself stands on two curved non-slip pads which have a decent grip on any surface. Another interesting feature is the 120 degree tilting head which can be set to any possible angle as per users requirement. 

Sadly unlike other Mi products, it's not a smart lamp. They have smart bulbs, bedside lamps etc which can be controlled via a smartphone application, Mi Home App. But one can't complain much as the price tag of this device is well under 1500 INR.

Design & Spec

The package contents are as the follows, 1 LED Lamp, 1 USB cable and 1 User manual.

Tech Specification

Colour : White
Materials Used : Plastic, Aluminium alloy
Weight : 420g
Operation environment : Indoor / Dry
Luminous : Max 100lm ( three options available - 10lm < 60lm < 100lm )
LED life : >25000hr
Battery : 2000 mAh
Input : 5V 1A DC

The Battery is sufficient to keep the lamp running for a week at medium brightness ( approximately around 8 to 10 hours). This is remarkably decent and good for a battery of 2000 mAh. Also this can be recharged via a power bank as well just like our mobile phones. However if you are an avid reader then it might run out quickly. 


Our new lamp is used on our kid's study table. And the best thing about it is that the device does not need a plug point. This also helps us to use it during power outages, as well as at those places where it's hard to find a plug outlet. Its footprint is minimal and requires very little storage space. 

The different colour temperature modes lets us use this across different scenarios, like a bedside lamp, reading lamp, or along with your laptop. The bright mode is very good to use along with laptops. For reading purposes, the cool mode which is warmer than the brightest mode is the most suitable. This along with the ambient light is great for getting rid of any kind of strain to our eyes. 

Our little Zavi loves his new lamp, especially as its so super easy for him to handle. Its light weighted and can be carried around easily by him. Zavi is very particular to use his lamp while studying, reading and he even uses the dimmest warm light as a bed side lamp in the bedroom. Previously he wanted the tube light kept on till he sleeps, and the Mi lamp has seriously come in to our rescue. 

Warm Mode ( which is around 2600K / 10lm )

Cool Mode ( which is around 3200K / 60lm )

Bright Mode ( which is around 4500K / 100lm )

Story time, with Mi Lamp


For 1500 INR, this LED lamp is a steal. Sleek, elegant and simple design. It offers a long battery life and has various modes. The swirl head helps to point the light to the desired angle. The one button control system makes it very easy even for kids to use. One of the downfalls is that it's not a smart lamp, i.e. it cannot be controlled over any app. Also Mi should have given a few colour options like grey, black, brown or sharper brighter colours which would go with ones' room decor. However this isn't a drawback as such.

Xiaomi surely knows the market well, and are launching a lot of smarter gadgets and technologies like this lamp, which is very affordable and we would surely recommend this product.


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